Genealogy at the Walnut Creek Library

Walnut Creek Library "Heritage Collection"
1644 North Broadway, Walnut Creek, CA (second floor)
Hours: Monday - Thursday 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Parking: $1 per hour (coins or credit card)
Phone: (925) 977-3300
Contra Costa County Library Website:
The home for the genealogy resources known as the Heritage Collection is at the Walnut Creek Library on the second floor reference area. This collection was formerly at the Pleasant Hill Library. You will find all the books from its prior location and the card catalog on index cards. There are plenty of tables nearby to work as well as computers.
Resource materials include:
  • General genealogical reference (e.g. "how to" sourcebooks, atlases, gazetteers)
  • State genealogical reference (e.g. vital records directories, census)
  • Family histories
  • War and pension lists for participants of wars
  • Immigration and migration (e.g. passenger lists, etc.)
  • Patriotic and heritage organizations (e.g. Mayflower descendants)
  • Church records, cemeteries, mortuaries
  • Records of wills and abstracts of records of wills, marriages, etc.
  • Ethnic and cultural genealogy (e.g. England, Scotland, Ireland, Europe, Germany, Native American,African American, Canada, Huguenot, Heraldry)
  • California 1890 Great Register of Voters Index, a three-volume set compiled by the California State Genealogical Alliance. Names, birthplace, age, residence, county, registration date, and naturalization information for those registered to vote in 1890.
  • Periodicals and City Directories (coming soon from Pleasant Hill)
A portion of CCCGS membership dues are designated for support of the Heritage Collection through our General Materials Acquisition Fund. 
Volunteers Wanted for the Heritage Collection
The curators of the genealogy collection at the Walnut Creek Library, known as the Heritage Collection, are looking to expand the offerings and provide more hands-on support for ancestral research. To accomplish this, they are seeking volunteers to help. Geri Willinger, Volunteer for the Heritage Collection, shares what they are looking for from volunteers:
  • Skills — Having a beginning knowledge of genealogy would be great but not necessarily a “must have.” Presently, one of our volunteers has a background in library work, but not in genealogy and has been very helpful.
  • Job — Consists of (1) helping any patron find a book or an area of study (i.e. state or county in which they are interested). (2) Shelving books that may be left on the “re-shelve” area or left out of place on the shelves. (3) At times, helping a volunteer take inventory by checking the books against a list to see if all the books that should be on the shelf are actually on that shelf and in the proper order. There are no high shelves, but we do use the lowest shelves, so you may have to kneel to shelve a book.
  • Training — I will train anyone who volunteers. Volunteers only must learn how the books are shelved. It’s simply alphabetical by area/subject like other genealogy libraries.
  • Time Commitment — We ask that a volunteer agrees to spend at least 2 hours one day a month in the library, same day each month. If there are no books to shelve or patrons to help, volunteers may work on their own research, read the newspaper or whatever they would like. (Unless we need help with inventory!)
For more information or to volunteer send an email to